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Licence for installers of roof safety devices

We are convinced that training and thus greater expertise contribute to a safer working day for those installing roof safety devices. When you train with us, you have an opportunity to obtain an installation licence.

Training and expertise yield increased safety

At present, many professional tradesmen require training and expertise, such as scaffold erectors, wet room builders, roof shovellers and chimney sweeps / ventilation workers, and they require inspections for temporary dragline and rail systems as anchoring devices. Here at CW Lundberg, we find it natural that the same should apply to installers of roof safety devices. We are striving to make this a requirement within the near future.

Even the roof safety committee is working to implement requirements on installers of roof safety devices that they be trained in the systems they install. This pertains in particular to anchoring devices for personal fall protection.

Obtain a licence via CW Lundberg

At CW Lundberg, we work actively to give you as an installer an opportunity for training and thus to obtain an installation licence. The advantage of having this licence is that it gives you/your company priority in future procurements, and it should therefore be treated as a valuable document.

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