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CWL Safety System

With the CWL Safety System installed on our roof safety products or as an individual dragline system, you can be constantly anchored with personal fall protection while you are on the roof.

The system is tested and approved for simultaneous use by 2 persons in accordance to the harmonized European standard CE EN 516 Class 2.

CWL Safety System, WBM - Wire by Metre 

Wire is sold by the metre and cut locally by the installer or retailer. The wire ends are fixed with our innovative wire lock. Offered in lengths of 20, 50, 100 and 500 m, supplied on a roll.
The WBM system is developed with a softer 133-strand cable.  

CWL Safety System, WEL- Wire Extensible Lengths 

Extensive wire lengths with pre-assembled wire rope terminals that are assembled into optional metres. Extensions are made using an installation spanner. Offered in lengths of 2, 3, 5, 9, 14, 20 and 30 m, as well as a finished corner length of 1+1m. 

 Use our calculator to calculate complete systems, with associated components for your installation! 

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Clear enamel - hot galv.

CWL Safety System PRO   

The PRO system allows you to work safely on the roof with the best ergonomics and efficiency. With the wire runner that climbs over the wire guides and corners, you always move the shortest way without any extra handling. 


CWL Safety System LIGHT 

The LIGHT system is a simpler version of the wire system where you can move along the wire system with a simple hand movement. This variant is suitable for movements on straight sections and low-slope roofs, as well as for occasional work on the roof.


Wire corner PRO Walkway

The wire corner is installed either on inside or outside of the corner independent of the angle.
Add your order with the amount of corners that is needed.

430230 Wire corner Pro Walkway