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A protective rail (height at least 1 metre) increases safety and the sense of security when one is on the roof.

A guardrail is what is known as a collective fall protection, and for low-pitched roofs of less than 6 degrees, the entire roof can be encompassed by guardrails. One can then move without having to be anchored with personal fall protection.

Walkways can be fitted with guardrails, and then one can move along these without being anchored with personal fall protection. If the walkway is placed closer to the ridge that 1 m, guardrails are necessary on both sides; if the distance is longer, it is enough to have one guardrail in the direction of the pitch.

Roof ladders can be fitted with a guardrail. On steep ladders sloping more than 30 degrees and lengths exceeded 4 metres, one must be anchored even if a guardrail is in place.

Working platforms must also have guardrails in the direction of the pitch.


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