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Rail roof hatch

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Rail (0.5 m height) at the access hatch and around skylights etc. form supports when ascending/descending to the roof and shall prevent people from going onto roof areas that cannot withstand the weight of a person.

They are also approved for the anchoring of personal fall protection according to SS 831333.

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Bracket tiled roof

The product is installed onto brackets that are attached to the roof. The bracket profile is different depending on whether it is to be installed on a roof with clay tiles or concrete tiles.

                Bracket clay tiles                        Bracket concrete tiles

Batten bracket, simplified roof underlay

For mounting on light roof underlays where there is no tongue-in-groove board. Approved for installation on battens measuring at least 40 x 70 mm. Enamelled for prolonged life.

Installs quickly

Installs quickly and efficiently since installation is done from above using impactors: Its extremely light weight and stackability make the batten bracket simple to carry along when installing on the roof.

Easy to warehouse

The foot plate suits both concrete and clay brackets. Along with the bracket, it is adjustable in several positions in order to fit based on the batten dimensions and roofing tile. Takes up very little room in the warehouse and in transport, as the batten bracket is stackable.