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Ridge and roof rail

The function of the ridge rail is to serve as an anchor point for personal fall protection when working on the roof.

By supplementing the ridge rail with the CWL Safety System, you can remain constantly anchored while you are on the roof without having to connect and reconnect. What is unique based on previous dragline solutions is that this one is tested together and approved as a complete system.

The ridge rail satisfies the requirements set out in SS 831331

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Tubes are extended simply with self-tapping stainless steel screws. In order to facilitate the extension, they are pre-drilled at one end and crimped at the other.

Bracket, profiled sheet metal roof

The product is installed onto brackets that are attached to the roof. These are easy to install in an efficient manner since the installation is done from above using impactors.

Easy to warehouse

One solution - several functions. The bracket is used for a number of functions, such as walkways, ridge and roof foot rails, snow fences and guardrails for roof access hatches and skylights.

Suits all sheet metal profiles found on the market.

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CWL Safety System PRO
With the ridge rail dragline, you can be on the roof and be constantly anchored with personal fall protection. The dragline runner climbs over the dragline guides so that no extra handgrips for reconnection are needed up at the rail.