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Roof step

Roof steps / batten steps are a simple way to create an access route, for example, up to a chimney. They may be used on roofs of up to a 4-metre access height with a pitch of a max 45 degrees. They are installed in a straight line one over the other and are finished off with anchoring devices for personal fall protection, for example, a ridge rail.

Roof steps/batten steps are type approved

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Roof steps, profiled sheet metal roof

Roof steps are installed quickly and simply on the top of the sheet metal profile an EPDM seal and tapping screws. Fits profile tops with a C-C distance of a maximum of 280 mm. The ladder has two walking surfaces for different roof pitches and it provides a good friction against the shoes.

The design makes the roof ladder easy to install, easy to transport and it takes up little space in the warehouse.


Bending tools batten step
Tools for adapting batten steps for installation on 1” or 2” battens.