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Anchorloop and ridgerail 1m

The function of the anchor loops and ridge rail is to form an anchor point for personal fall protection. The ridge rail is used on pitched roofs; on low-pitched roofs (pitches of less than 6 degrees) with asphalt or artificial material-based sealing surfaces, anchor loops are used.

Most often, roof safety is used that fills several functions, such a walkways and snow fences, which also serve as anchor points. For solutions for these and more anchoring possibilities, see the CWL Safety System.

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Ridge rail 3 m

In the outer corners of the roof, both low-pitched and sloping roofs (up to 25 degrees), extra means of anchoring may be required in order to reduce any pendulum effects in the event of a fall, and such must be placed in the corner of the roof 2 metres from the edge of the roof and roof foot.

The ridge rail consists of two brackets suitable for the type of roof, as well as a rail tube with the necessary locking kit.

Snow fences can also be used as extra anchoring devices.

Installs quickly above the surface of the roof with impactors.

Bracket profiled sheet metal/smooth roof long

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One solution - several functions. The bracket is used for a number of functions, such as walkways, ridge and roof foot rails, snow fences and guardrails for roof access hatches and skylights.

Suits all sheet metal profiles found on the market.

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Flag for snow depth
A flag with a snow depth marking makes it possible to find anchor points under the snow. The flag can be attached directly to the anchor loop or special bolt kit on the brackets to the existing roof safety product.