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The walkway functions as a horizontal gangway to service locations on the roof, and it forms an anchor for personal fall protection. The walking surface is 350 mm wide with turned-up edges and has a non-slip pattern.

The length can be adjusted simply by extending the walkway with overlaps of at least 50 mm. 90 degree corners are available as a standard product.

By supplementing the walkway with the CWL Safety System, you can remain constantly anchored while you are on the roof without having to diconnect and reconnect. What is unique compared with previous combination solutions with draglines is that this one is tested together and approved as a complete system.

The walkway, with or without a dragline system, is CE-labelled and satisfies SS-EN 516 Class 2 Type B.

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Upper section, bridge bracket

Installation in horizontal position

The walkway is installed onto the upper section of the walkway bracket, which makes it easy to balance the walkway based on the pitch of the roof. The walkway bracket fits all brackets regardless of roofing material.


Bracket, profiled sheet metal roof

The product is installed onto brackets that are attached to the roof. These are easy to install in an efficient manner since the installation is done from above using impactors.

Easy to warehouse

One solution - several functions. The bracket is used for a number of functions, such as walkways, ridge and roof foot rails, snow fences and guardrails for roof access hatches and skylights.

Suits all sheet metal profiles found on the market.

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CWL Safety System - PRO
With the CWL Safety System PRO, you work unencumbered and constantly anchored to and on the side of the walkway, for the best ergonomics and efficiency.
CWL Safety System - LIGHT
CWL Safety System LIGHT is best applied when the walkway is used as a transport route. You adjust the dragline controls with a simple hand grip.
Walkway guardrail
The walkway can easily be fitted with our guardrail. At the end of the walkway, the guardrail can be fitted with an end bracket.
Walkway corner
Flag for snow depth
Flag with a snow depth marking simplifies finding anchor points concealed under the snow. The flag can be attached directly to the anchor loop or special bolt kit on the brackets to the existing roof safety product. The snow depth marking is adjusted based on the when the roof needs to be shovelled.