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Snow fence - tubes

The function of a snow fence is to prevent uncontrolled snow falls from the roof that can injure people and damage property underneath or around your roof, and it serves as an anchor point for personal protection equipment. They also serve as foot support when working near the roof foot or roof break.

Upon the installation of a snow stopper and/or snow fence, it is of the utmost importance to adapt the amount to the actual geographic location, amount of precipitation and the design of the roof. Remember that so-called snow pockets can form. This is where more snow ends up and then an extra snow fence or snow stopper is needed to keep the snow in place.

When there is a risk of overloading the snow fence and the roof, the roof must be shovelled in order to prevent damages to the roof, as well as accidents.

The snow fence satisfies SS 831335.

Select colour

The traditional choice of snow fence.

The snow fence is made of the same type of tubes that are used for the ridge and roof foot rail, snow stopper tube and guard rails.


Tubes are extended simply with self-tapping stainless steel screws. In order to facilitate the extension, they are pre-drilled at one end and crimped at the other.

Locking system rail tube/ profiled sheet metal

The snow fence is installed with a locking system, at each outer end. The same locking system also fits the profiled sheet metal snow fence.

Bracket, profiled sheet metal roof

The product is installed onto brackets that are attached to the roof. These are easy to install in an efficient manner since the installation is done from above using impactors.

Easy to warehouse

One solution - several functions. The bracket is used for a number of functions, such as walkways, ridge and roof foot rails, snow fences and guardrails for roof access hatches and skylights.

Suits all sheet metal profiles found on the market.

European patent