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Rail roof hatch

Rail (0.5 m height) at the access hatch and around skylights etc. form supports when ascending/descending to the roof and shall prevent people from going onto roof areas that cannot withstand the weight of a person.

They are also approved for the anchoring of personal fall protection according to SS 831333.

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Bracket pre-fabricated panel roof

The product is installed on the fold mount, which fits all prefabricated panel roofs found on the market.

The fold mount’s unique design minimises wear and tear on sheet metal, reduces the accumulation of scrap and cold blasting.

Installs quickly

Installs quickly and efficiently since installation is done from the side with an impactor. Its light weight means that on can hold many of them at once during installation on the roof.

Easy to warehouse

One solution - several functions. The bracket is used for a number of functions, such as walkways, ridge and roof foot rails, snow fences and guardrails for roof hatches.

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