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According to the applicable EU legislation, products can only be CE-labelled if they are subject to a harmonised standard approved by the EU.

For other markings, the product must obtain documented approval (Type Approval/Certificate) produced by an institute or similar that is accredited to perform tests and to issue valid documentation.

Declarations of Performance must contain information that can identify the product, its intended use, contact information about the manufacturer, how the performance is to be assessed and by whom, and what characteristic(s) and standards or norms it satisfies.

We have gathered certificates of approval and declarations of performance for all products encompassed by any form of standard or norm in our brochure. Documentation.


Conformité Européenne

CE-labelled building products meet European standards and are approved for anchoring of personal fall protection equipment.

Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP)

P-marked building products meet Swedish standards (SS) and are approved for anchoring of personal fall protection equipment.

Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning

The fork-shaped symbol, known as Gaffelmärket in Swedish, is a guarantee that the manufacturing has been inspected by the relevant Swedish authority and that the product meets the requirement set out in Swedish building regulations.

Österreichisches Normungsinstitut (ÖN)

Applies to snow protection systems on roof pitches of a maximum of 60° according to the Austrian Standards Institute. Followed by a number of countries around the Alps.