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Roof ladder

The function of the roof ladder is to serve as an access route to service locations on the roof, e.g., chimneys, and to serve as an anchor point for personal fall protection. The roof ladder suits all roof pitches, has an inbuilt slipguard and is easy to install.

On roofs of less than 15 degrees, the roof ladder can be replaced by a walkway.

The roof ladder is CE labelled and satisfies SS-EN 12951 Class 2.

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All-round bracket roof ladder/walkway on roof pitch

Roof ladders and walkways in the direction of the roof are installed easily on our all-round bracket. The all-round bracket is always used regardless of roof covering.


CWL Safety System
The roof ladder should be equipped with a safety rail that allows one to move along the entire length and be constantly anchored with personal fall protection without needing to make reconnections.
Guardrail for roof ladder
The roof ladder can easily be fitted with our guardrail. At the end of the ladder, the guardrail can be fitted with an end bracket.
Slipguards for ground ladder
Slipguards can be installed directly on any side of the roof ladders; thus, no extra installation or work on the roof surface is needed.
Flag for snow depth
Flag with a snow depth marking makes it possible to anchor points concealed under the snow. The flag can be attached directly to the anchor loop or special bolt kit on the brackets to the existing roof safety products.