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Snow stopper

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The function of the snow stopper is to limit the snow and ice from sliding on sloping roof surfaces and it is a good supplement to the regular snow fence. They distribute the snow load over the entire roof and keep the snow in place until it melts or the roof can be shovelled.

Upon the installation of a snow stopper and/or snow fence, it is of the utmost importance to adapt the amount to the actual geographic location, amount of precipitation and the design of the roof. Remember that so-called snow pockets can form. This is where more snow ends up and then an extra snow fence or snow stopper is needed to keep the snow in place.

When there is a risk of overloading the snow fence and the roof, the roof must be shovelled in order to prevent damages to the roof, as well as accidents.

As opposed to the snow fence, the snow stopper is not approved for anchoring personal fall protection.

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Snow stopper rake

A snow stopper rake is used on folded sheet metal roofs and pre-fabricated panel roofs. The rake has the advantage in that sheets of ice do not slide down from the roof during thaws.

The length is easily adjusted as the lengths are overlapped and installed together.

The fold mount’s unique design minimises wear and tear on sheet metal, reduces the accumulation of scrap and cold blasting.